Singapore Zoo


My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the kids for a short trip. Since February was their birthday month and I’m going to deliver soon,  we thought it would be a great trip for both me and the kids. Last trip before I’m going into confinement mode. So we […]

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The Birthday Girls


Yesterday, we had a small dua selamat and birthday celebration for our February babies. Yes, they were born in the same month. So yay, senang Ummi celebrate sama-sama. Safiyyah is 4 years old and Sumayyah is turning 2! We weren’t thinking of having a birthday celebration at first place but since Kakak insist on having a […]

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Alhamdulillah, sekarang ni Shaza dah week 29 of pregnancy. Officially in my third trimester now. 3 more months to go!!! InshaAllah Ya Allah. Cepatnya rasa pregnancy kali ni. Kadang rasa pelik juga kenapa pregnancy kali ni dirasakan cepat sangat. Mungkin juga sibuk menguruskan semua benda sampai tak rasa dah masuk 7 bulan. But Im enjoying this […]

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Hello 2017!!

Happy New Year Guys!!! I know, it’s already midst of January and I am still not writing ANY post yet on my blog. So much pressure. Anyway, this year… Turning 30, I have a new resolution. To start blogging… AGAIN. Ok, let’s start with my RESOLUTION for year 2017. To start eating healthily – I have […]

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