OMG. There’s a new post.

Masha-Allah, can’t believe it’s already the end of the year now and I haven’t update since my last post. Ok, lets focus on the fact that I am here typing away.

Alhamdulillah, I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy, 8 months ago. Yes he is ALREADY 8 MONTHS! He is very much healthy, Alhamdulillah. I really need to have a post about him. At 8 months, he loves to crawl (pretty fast too). He has 6 teeth now and he loves to bite anyone that comes along his way. He is loved by two of his big sisters. The second one, Sumayyah, that is another love and hate relationship with her lil brother. We will go on that in my next post (I hope). He loves to eat basically anything I cooked. All in all, he is such an easy boy and daddy’s boy too.

IMG_3571Secondly, we just celebrated our 6th anniversary last Saturday. 6 years being together with this amazing guy. Thank you hubby for a wonderful marriage life. It wasn’t easy. But I am bless that we work it out together and I can say that we are stronger than we were before.

Husband had to leave earlier to Jakarta for his training for 3 months. So we kinda had our pre-anniversary trip to Cameron Highland. Along with the kids, of course. (Anyone wants to babysit them for our next anniversary celebration? No?). It was my first to Cameron with the husband, so I am pretty much excited and looking forward for this trip

It was really a last minute decision and glad that we could manage it well. Read : It was a day before. I had to packed for 5 of us and I am pretty much amazed with how I can packed all (without leaving anything) within that short period of time. I even had Idris food ready as well for the whole 3 days.

I think I need an award for this!

Here are some of the photos during our Cameron trip


We stayed in The Lakehouse. It was really a nice cosy hotel. The kids love it simply because it has a pretty christmas tree in the middle of the stairways and a bathtub. We really love the toilet though. I can stay in hours just to soak myself in that salt water tub.

There are few places you can go when you are in Cameron. But we didn’t managed to go all as it was raining the first day. So on the first day, we only managed to only cover the Tea Boh Plantation Sungai Palas and Big Red Strawberry Farm.

Tea Boh Plantation Sungai Palas




Big Red Strawberry Farm.


Travelling with 3 kids is really tiring. So having a hot tea and scones (complimentary by the hotel) in a cold breeze weather is just relaxing. The scones are super delicious. I ate them all actually. I would highly recommend you guys to try The Lakehouse’s scones. Sedap sangat sampai teringat-ingat ni. 



As for dinner, what else would you eat in Cameron besides their steamboats?

We had our steamboat at the hotel itself for the first night (malas nak keluar) and the second night is in Restaurant Taman Abang Buffet Steamboat & Grill.

Would highly recommend these two places. The Lakehouse steamboat serves a la-carte though, and their Tomyam is super sedap.

All in all, I wish I could bring back some of the flowers and plants as that was my initial plans. But we decided not to stop after checking out on the last day as the traffic was quite bad. So InshaAllah we will come again in future and this time not during the peak season.

When travelling, I never leave my supplements.

I make sure that I bring my Vivix as it gives me the energy to travel with my 3 kids. Ummi got to be fit and pretty at the same time.

Not forgetting my detox set as well. After what happened during my previous trip – I had a food poisoning. Since that incident, I made sure I bring my detox set everywhere.

These are the supplements that I would usually bring : VITALEA, OSTEMATRIX, VITA C, BCOMPLEX ALFALFA and HERBLAX



Happy Anniversary dear Husband.

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and our family. Thank you for loving me everyday. Thank you for being an amazing dad! Thank you for the dua and thank you for always be the best version of yourself.

Together till forever, InshaAllah.



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