Sebagai kenang-kenangan di hari tua nanti, so here it is. Blogging about my recent update.

I AM PREGNANT GUYS!! For the 4th time. Alhamdulillah.

Same like other pregnancy, this pregnancy was…. well, unplanned as well. But so blessed to be pregnant again. Funny, isn’t it. Haha.

How I got to know I was pregnant?

It wasn’t hard to tell:

  1. I was feeling sleepy all day – I’m so unproductive, I do only the necessary stuff like taking care of the kids. The rest like cooking, cleaning the house, social media I really can’t be bothered.
  2. I eat almost EVERYTHING – Yes, I am selective on my food intake before as I was on detox program for the past one month. I managed to loose 5 kg in total before I knew I was pregnant, but since the past 3 months of so, I just want to eat EVERYTHING and I have to have my rice. I need rice in my life. I think I need to stop doing detox program after this pregnancy. Lepas detox je pregnant. Lol
  3. I will vomit whenever I eat too much or drink plain water too much.
  4. My tummy grew faster. I only got to know I was pregnant on the third month after I feel my tummy looks rather unusual
  5. I gain back my weight due to no 2.

How’s pregnancy? Tak struggle ke pregnant dan jaga anak 4 orang.

The answer is, thank you to people around me. They have been amazing on taking care of the kids and the house while I sleep the whole day.

Currently I am doing ok. Thank you to Shaklee supplements which help me a lot on giving me a healthy pregnancy. I pray that it stays like this till delivery. InshaAllah. No matter what experience I’m having during this pregnancy whether gaining so much weight or the laziness, I am enjoying every bit of this pregnancy. Especially now that I am in my 24 weeks, experiencing little one kicking is the best experience every mother would feel. It’s true, once its over, you will miss all these moments again. Miracle from Allah. Only a mother would experience it.

Truly a blessing.

May Allah protect you in my tummy, sayang and ease everything till delivery. Aminnnn.
Thank you husband for taking care of me these few months.


“B, stressss laahhh!!”


The word that I always used whenever I feel stressed, too tired or handling too many things. I always turn to my husband because he is a great listener and a great supporter everytime I feel overwhelmed.

Although turning to him and listening to his words of comfort is always,well……comforting. I think I need to handle my stress better or else my kids will remember me being a stressful mother and they will only remember a stressful childhood. No, not gonna let that happen.

So in 2019, I want to change that perspective. I want to change the words that I say to my husband whenever he asked about my days. I want to change how I see the whole thing. Instead of being stress, I want to be more organized and manage my time well.

1) 2 planners.

1 for my business and 1 for my personal use. I am lucky that my team have provided me with this planner. It is a daily planner. You set your plan for that whole month, your target, your to do list and my favourite part is “sleep to success” – you write your goals before sleep.

It has everything that a business person need.

As for the personal planner, I found that Tudung People has an amazing one. The selling point was definitely the habit tracker and the quran reading. I’m sold!

Ok, tick on that


2) Declutter. 

Ahhhh, this is something that I always wanted to do. But just by looking at the mess and thinking all the work that need to be done, I just shut myself down. So after khatam all the Marie Condo episodes, I found joy in cleaning up.

It starts with my (our) closet. No, not piling it on my bed cause that means we will be sleeping on the floor for weeks. But just by decluttering, organizing, give away clothes that doesn’t spark joy to you, it sure is comforting. Never felt that much of joy when seeing my closet this organized, guys.

I keep asking my husband “Do you like it sayang?” “Isn’t it nice to see all the clothes this organized” “You better keep it neat. Or elseeee” haha

And do you know what his reply? “What took you so long to be more organized like this?” Damn.. kena already.

One thing I learned from this experience, there is no magic to success. You want a cleaner house, a more organized house, you gotta work it out. All you need it that extra knowledge (on the folding, organize things in boxes, what to keep and what to let go, disciplines etc) and most importantly – you are willingly to put in the effort.

Trust me, you won’t enjoy the process at first, but as you see all the things gets into places, you will learn so much more than just cleaning up.

Yes. No shortcut to success. 


3) Have a night and morning routine

I always done this in school – pack my bags and get my clothes ready the night before. But somehow, along the way, I forgot that doing this really helps you to stay focus the following day. Definitely help with the stress.

Since school starts, Ive been doing this to my kids. Help them to pack their bags together and their clothes all ironed for the following day.

Sleep early! That means by 10pm, the kids are all asleep so they could wake up early the next morning.

Happy kids = Happier mom

Another thing that I want to do is to start back with my 5am routine. I did that in 2018 but somehow after getting pregnant, my body just wants to be lazy. haha


5) Exercise

I noticed that when I started to become lazy in exercising, that’s when I start to be extra tired and cranky. Everyone knows the benefit of exercising. If you are always feeling tired and stress, you should go out and move!

So even pregnant, I’ll make it a point to go for a walk every Monday and Wednesday, swimming during the weekends.

Ahhh… so relaxing


The key is to be more organized. Multitasking is good but at times, it can gives you more than you can handle.

Planning for blogging is another area that need to be plan well, I cannot be blogging everyday and not doing it for the rest of the year.

Luckily I have this to keep me healthy and strong.
Despite not getting enough sleep, my skin remains fresh thanks to loads of antioxidant in here. It sure make a lot of difference.
Lastly, I think I need to reward myself with shopping. There are few things on my wishlist that I have. Every 15th will be my bonus day. So I deserve some new tudung, maybe? hahaha
Ok guys, these are my ways to be less stress in year 2019. What about you?
That’s all for today.
See you in my next post.


Idris turns 1

Idris turns 1

Happy First Birthday Idris


Bersawang dah blog ni.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

But this post is a special post because Idris turns one this month!!!

Happy 1st birthday, dear son. 

My Shaklee baby :’)
Produk pengambilan supplement Shaklee sepanjang kehamilan. Alhamdulillah.

Bila Shaza tulis ni sahaja, teringat balik labour experience setahun yang lepas. Yes, who can forget their labour experience walaupun dah bertahun lamanya,kan?

You just remember.

A week earlier, we went for a check up. Dr beritahu. Its either I deliver on 8/4/2017 or we have to go for c-ser. I am scaredy cat when it comes to cesarean. Teringat balik masa bersalinkan anak pertama, Safiyyah melalui cserian. It was not a bad experience but because dah mindset awal-awal nakkan bersalin normal, so I panic!

Reason why Dr said like that is because Idris is almost 4kg masa Dr scan!!!I blame all the carbs (and sushi) I ate throughout this pregnancy. Too late for that now.
Dalam masa seminggu tu, memang takde rasa any contraction or any pain. A day before due date, Shaza ajak husband jalan-jalan di IOI mall. Not so much untuk shopping, but I just want to walk. So we walked for 2 hours non-stop because they say it can speed up the contraction.

True enough.

Malam tu dah mula rasa sakit-sakit pinggang. But it is still bearable. Pagi tu, kami bersiap-siap untuk pergi ke hospital for final check up. I pray hard that I can go on labour today.So we had all our bags ready. Just in case. Jumpa Dr at 11 am and she decided I am ready for labour because I am already 3 cm dilated. Nervous and excited at the same time.

12 pm : All ready in the labour room

Fast forward, Idris was born at 3 pm. It was that fast but the pain was unbearable. Idris weigh 4.3kg and that was one of the reason why it is so hard to push him out.

But Alhamdulillah all went well.

The first thing I did after that delivery is drinking my protein shake first, Energizing Soy Protein. I was really starving at that time. Makanan yang hospital bagi masa tu pon bihun goreng. Tak tahu nak menangis ke nak gelak bila dorang hantar makanan. Minum ESP ni terus kenyang dan bertenaga. Tak rasa macam berperang 3 jam tadi. Nurse pon puji muka tak pucat walaupun banyak darah keluar tadi.

Alhamdulillah, Set Berpantang Shaklee banyak sangat membantu untuk recovery Shaza masa berpantang ni. Susu meriah, baby dan Ummi sihat sepanjang pantang. Tiga kali berpantang, ketiga-tiga anak Shaza memang amalkan set berpantang Shaklee masa berpantang ni. Highly recommend untuk ibu-ibu yang sedang mencari supplement ketika berpantang.

A year later….

He is able to walk on his own now
He still love Ummi’s milk
He is love by everyone, including his 2 elder sisters
He loves to explore every inch of the house (the reason why I don’t really buy toys at this age)
He loves to put everything in his mouth
He loves oats for breakfast
He loves to bite
His favourite word is AYAH!

(It’s ok. Ummi can handle this. I know deep down you meant Ummi)

Happy birthday, anak Ummi

Semoga sentiasa dibawah lindungan Allah. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh dan penyejuk hati Ummi dan Ayah

Ummi doakan semoga membesar dengan sihat dan Ummi diberikan kekuatan dan ilmu untuk membimbing anak Ummi menjadi khalifah yang terbaik di muka bumi ini.





Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the kids for a short trip. Since February was their birthday month and I’m going to deliver soon,  we thought it would be a great trip for both me and the kids. Last trip before I’m going into confinement mode.

So we instantly thought Singapore Zoo would be the best place since both the kids (and the parents) loveee animals. The last time we went, Safiyyah was only 1 year plus and she was sleeping the whole trip. Lol

So last weekend, Singapore Zoo it is!IMG_9116




Singapore Zoo hasn’t changed a bit.

It was still the same, though. The same animal. The same show. Although we already been here 2 years back, but it’s kind of like their first time.

Sumayyah would run around feeling excited looking at the animals. She even fall down few times. But this lady is very tough. Not a single cry and got back up straight away. That’s my girl.

My husband and I knew this trip would be an exhausting trip for both of us. One will pushed the tandem stroller. And the one need to take care of the kids. That also include running around to catch them.

Well I guess you could guess which is which. Lol

She is at a stage where she is eager to explore. She is not afraid of strangers and when you are actually running to catch her, she will run even faster. That’s what scares me. Can never takes my eyes of her.

Can you imagine a 33 weeks pregnant mom running around trying to keep up with her toddler?

Yes. Just incase you were at the zoo the other day, I was THE MOM.

Got to thank Shaklee supplements for keeping me fit and energized during this trip!

The thing about doing an outdoor activity, it is very hot. REALLY A HOT DAY. It was a bad idea wearing a mascara to a zoo. What was I thinking!

Another things is, I’m afraid that the kids will get dehydrated due to the weather. So, siap awal-awal PERFORMANCE DRINK. That was my drink though. She already finished hers. Performance drink is really a hydration drink. I guess that’s why they were so energetic.

So if your kids easily get a fever after a trip, take performance drink along during your trip!


pd22 IMG_9076

All in all it was a really nice trip.
I got teary eyes looking at this photo.
I just find it too priceless. They are so small now. But in few years time, they are teenagers. And soon leave their nest for universities and then get married and…. you know the list goes on.
As much as I want to see my kids to grow up and have their own path, at this moment I just wish I could freeze the time and just enjoy the time with them while they are this small, needy and always berebut for Ummi.

I don’t mind!!!

Maybe I’m just being emotional due to this pregnancy.
Whatever it is, time like this, I will cherish forever. Even if you have kids on your own, you will still be my little girls.




The Birthday Girls

The Birthday Girls

Yesterday, we had a small dua selamat and birthday celebration for our February babies. Yes, they were born in the same month. So yay, senang Ummi celebrate sama-sama. Safiyyah is 4 years old and Sumayyah is turning 2!

We weren’t thinking of having a birthday celebration at first place but since Kakak insist on having a pony birthday cake, so we just invite few of our relatives for a small get together.

Since husband has been busy flying these days, we had to allocate one of his working day. Yes!! He was working in the morning, as early as 5am, ran to get the cake in Melawati after work and back to Kajang. Just in time before our guest arrive.

So much love to this man!


My imam, my husband, the father to our 2 children (soon 3!).





The best part of any kenduri is the food!

We had nasi dagang, laksa, brownies, samosa, etc. I think I ate too much yesterday.


Anyway, I couldnt do all these by myself. Need to thank both my in laws for helping most of the preparation.

May Allah bless them both.


As Safiyyah grows older, I noticed the similarities between me and her. She hates the ‘attention’. haha. That’s why she requested a small birthday celebration at our home.


“Do you like your birthday today sayang?”
“Yeah. Thank you Ummi. Thank you for the cake”
“I love you sayang”
“Love you too, Ummi”


Aww such a sweet little girl!! Urghh, geram Ummi.

You are all grown up now, sayang.

Happy birthday to my two beautiful daughters,.

May Allah grant all my duas to you and may you both love each other forever and be the sweetheart that you both always be to everyone you meet.

One thing I learned today, Safiyyah taught me to be grateful. Be grateful in everything that happens in your life, simply by being happy with whatever you have. She probably know any better, but she sure is happy eating the cake really. But still, we could always learn a thing or two from kid’s behavior. Though this is just a simple birthday celebration, to her, it was the BEST birthday ever.

And it’s all because of her sincere gratitude