Happy New Year Guys!!!

I know, it’s already midst of January and I am still not writing ANY post yet on my blog.

So much pressure.

Anyway, this year… Turning 30, I have a new resolution.

To start blogging… AGAIN.

Ok, let’s start with my RESOLUTION for year 2017.

  1. To start eating healthily – I have always been conscious of what I eat. And in year 2016, I have slowly change the way I prepare my food. For example, from deep fried fish, now I love to grilled them (minyak mahal,kan plus it is more healthy). Basically I am more into ‘pantang food’ these days. I am not sure if it’s because of my pregnancy hormone or what. But Alhamdulillah I am enjoying it so far and I hope I get to continue this healthy habit for the rest of the years (I need to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight) . AND… To start juicing everyday!! Wait till we get to buy our slow juicer. So expensive.  MUST work harder.
  2. To attend as many business seminars and islamic lectures as much as possible – I believe in this life, we need to be balance. As much as we want to have a successful career, a good health, success in our fitness, our finance, our love life, don’t forget our spiritual well being as well. All these needs investment :effort, time and money. I want to be more discipline in going to SDFG seminars and my Qiraat classes. Need to add up more activities in my planner for future events.
  3. To join marathon/triathlon – Omg! Im freaking out as I’m writing this. My fitness level has gone down the drain since I gave birth to my first child. All my life, I have always wanted to try for a marathon or better still to join a triathlon. InshaAllah this year, I’ll try to make it happen once I give birth this coming April.
  4. To manage my time more wisely – Its hard to juggle between being a mom, a businesswoman and bibik at the same time. You have to know how to manage your time really well. I hate seeing my house being unorganised and I too hate when I did not achieve my target for my daily task as well. So yeah, I’m joining the #4am club this year.
  5. To save money – This year, we are not planning for any vacation. Husband and I, we want to focus our 2017 to have more savings. Plus I’ll be giving birth soon. Soo duduk diam-diam lah ye. 
  6. To blog more – I have no idea why I stopped blogging last time, but this year I will try to be more consistent and persistent in sharing my post.

Fuuhhh, that’s a lot already.

InshaAllah we try to make it happen. One day at a time.

2017, be kind to the world <3




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