Sebagai kenang-kenangan di hari tua nanti, so here it is. Blogging about my recent update.

I AM PREGNANT GUYS!! For the 4th time. Alhamdulillah.

Same like other pregnancy, this pregnancy was…. well, unplanned as well. But so blessed to be pregnant again. Funny, isn’t it. Haha.

How I got to know I was pregnant?

It wasn’t hard to tell:

  1. I was feeling sleepy all day – I’m so unproductive, I do only the necessary stuff like taking care of the kids. The rest like cooking, cleaning the house, social media I really can’t be bothered.
  2. I eat almost EVERYTHING – Yes, I am selective on my food intake before as I was on detox program for the past one month. I managed to loose 5 kg in total before I knew I was pregnant, but since the past 3 months of so, I just want to eat EVERYTHING and I have to have my rice. I need rice in my life. I think I need to stop doing detox program after this pregnancy. Lepas detox je pregnant. Lol
  3. I will vomit whenever I eat too much or drink plain water too much.
  4. My tummy grew faster. I only got to know I was pregnant on the third month after I feel my tummy looks rather unusual
  5. I gain back my weight due to no 2.

How’s pregnancy? Tak struggle ke pregnant dan jaga anak 4 orang.

The answer is, thank you to people around me. They have been amazing on taking care of the kids and the house while I sleep the whole day.

Currently I am doing ok. Thank you to Shaklee supplements which help me a lot on giving me a healthy pregnancy. I pray that it stays like this till delivery. InshaAllah. No matter what experience I’m having during this pregnancy whether gaining so much weight or the laziness, I am enjoying every bit of this pregnancy. Especially now that I am in my 24 weeks, experiencing little one kicking is the best experience every mother would feel. It’s true, once its over, you will miss all these moments again. Miracle from Allah. Only a mother would experience it.

Truly a blessing.

May Allah protect you in my tummy, sayang and ease everything till delivery. Aminnnn.
Thank you husband for taking care of me these few months.
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