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Amazing Dream Team

A supportive team not just focusing on building your Shaklee business but also focusing on building YOURSELF. These people are people who are passionate in healping others to build a healthier and wealthier life through Shaklee Opportunity. From teachers, housewife, managers, engineers, doctors, and variety of working background, we have one mission in common ; to improve our quality life – health and economically. Let’s be part of US!

A Mompreneur

A platform to share my thoughts , my journey as a mom and building my own business at the same time. Oh I love to travel and eat too!! So you will see me share a lot on these. I believe we could create a positive circle through women’s empowerment.

Your Shaklee Consultant

As a consumer of Shaklee products for almost 5 years, I have fallen in love not just the products but the science, the people and the history of the company itself.

“Changing your brand can change your life” – Dr Forrest C Shaklee

I believe everyone deserve to be healthy and successful through Shaklee.


Join our team Amazing Dream Team

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Multivitamin Tertua Di Dunia -Vitalea

Vitalea Shaklee merupakan multivitamin dan mineral yang pertama dicipta di dunia iaitu pada tahun 1915, ia dikenali sebagai "Vitalize-Mineral" dan kemudiannya disingkatkan sebutan kepada "Vita-min" dengan formulasi zat besi. Perkataan vitamin yang disebut kini asalnya...

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Assalamualaikum. Sebagai kenang-kenangan di hari tua nanti, so here it is. Blogging about my recent update. I AM PREGNANT GUYS!! For the 4th time. Alhamdulillah. Same like other pregnancy, this pregnancy was.... well, unplanned as well. But so blessed to be pregnant...

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"B, stressss laahhh!!"   The word that I always used whenever I feel stressed, too tired or handling too many things. I always turn to my husband because he is a great listener and a great supporter everytime I feel overwhelmed. Although turning to him and listening...

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