Shaza | Ummi to 4 – Safiyyah, Sumayyah, Shah Idris, Surayyah | a passionate Shaklee Entrepreneur

Amazing Dream Team

A supportive team not just focusing on building your Shaklee business but also focusing on building YOURSELF. These people are people who are passionate in healping others to build a healthier and wealthier life through Shaklee Opportunity. From teachers, housewife, managers, engineers, doctors, and variety of working background, we have one mission in common ; to improve our quality life – health and economically. Let’s be part of US!

A Mompreneur

A platform to share my thoughts , my journey as a mom and building my own business at the same time. Oh I love to travel and eat too!! So you will see me share a lot on these. I believe we could create a positive circle through women’s empowerment.

Your Shaklee Consultant

As a consumer of Shaklee products for almost 5 years, I have fallen in love not just the products but the science, the people and the history of the company itself.

“Changing your brand can change your life” – Dr Forrest C Shaklee

I believe everyone deserve to be healthy and successful through Shaklee.


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Shaklee YOUTH Skincare

How would you feel if... You have a skincare that works for ALL your skin problems? How would you feel if... You have a skincare that can make you look younger by a decade? How would you feel if... You have a skincare that not just work effectively but also it is VERY...

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CoqTrol Plus – Coq10 terbaik di pasaran

Ada tak salah satu simptom di bawah yang anda sedang alami? Sering berasa penat? Selalu berasa mengantuk semasa di pejabat walaupun dah tidur dengan mencukupi? Ayah mempunyai masalah darah tinggi, masalah lemah jantung? Kulit sentiasa kusam? Masalah jeragat dan...

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Back Again

OMG. There's a new post. Masha-Allah, can't believe it's already the end of the year now and I haven't update since my last post. Ok, lets focus on the fact that I am here typing away. Alhamdulillah, I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy, 8 months ago. Yes he is...

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Singapore Zoo

My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the kids for a short trip. Since February was their birthday month and I'm going to deliver soon,  we thought it would be a great trip for both me and the kids. Last trip before I'm going into confinement...

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The Birthday Girls

Yesterday, we had a small dua selamat and birthday celebration for our February babies. Yes, they were born in the same month. So yay, senang Ummi celebrate sama-sama. Safiyyah is 4 years old and Sumayyah is turning 2! We weren't thinking of having a birthday...

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