Yesterday, we had a small dua selamat and birthday celebration for our February babies. Yes, they were born in the same month. So yay, senang Ummi celebrate sama-sama. Safiyyah is 4 years old and Sumayyah is turning 2!

We weren’t thinking of having a birthday celebration at first place but since Kakak insist on having a pony birthday cake, so we just invite few of our relatives for a small get together.

Since husband has been busy flying these days, we had to allocate one of his working day. Yes!! He was working in the morning, as early as 5am, ran to get the cake in Melawati after work and back to Kajang. Just in time before our guest arrive.

So much love to this man!


My imam, my husband, the father to our 2 children (soon 3!).





The best part of any kenduri is the food!

We had nasi dagang, laksa, brownies, samosa, etc. I think I ate too much yesterday.


Anyway, I couldnt do all these by myself. Need to thank both my in laws for helping most of the preparation.

May Allah bless them both.


As Safiyyah grows older, I noticed the similarities between me and her. She hates the ‘attention’. haha. That’s why she requested a small birthday celebration at our home.


“Do you like your birthday today sayang?”
“Yeah. Thank you Ummi. Thank you for the cake”
“I love you sayang”
“Love you too, Ummi”


Aww such a sweet little girl!! Urghh, geram Ummi.

You are all grown up now, sayang.

Happy birthday to my two beautiful daughters,.

May Allah grant all my duas to you and may you both love each other forever and be the sweetheart that you both always be to everyone you meet.

One thing I learned today, Safiyyah taught me to be grateful. Be grateful in everything that happens in your life, simply by being happy with whatever you have. She probably know any better, but she sure is happy eating the cake really. But still, we could always learn a thing or two from kid’s behavior. Though this is just a simple birthday celebration, to her, it was the BEST birthday ever.

And it’s all because of her sincere gratitude



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