My husband and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the kids for a short trip. Since February was their birthday month and I’m going to deliver soon,  we thought it would be a great trip for both me and the kids. Last trip before I’m going into confinement mode.

So we instantly thought Singapore Zoo would be the best place since both the kids (and the parents) loveee animals. The last time we went, Safiyyah was only 1 year plus and she was sleeping the whole trip. Lol

So last weekend, Singapore Zoo it is!IMG_9116




Singapore Zoo hasn’t changed a bit.

It was still the same, though. The same animal. The same show. Although we already been here 2 years back, but it’s kind of like their first time.

Sumayyah would run around feeling excited looking at the animals. She even fall down few times. But this lady is very tough. Not a single cry and got back up straight away. That’s my girl.

My husband and I knew this trip would be an exhausting trip for both of us. One will pushed the tandem stroller. And the one need to take care of the kids. That also include running around to catch them.

Well I guess you could guess which is which. Lol

She is at a stage where she is eager to explore. She is not afraid of strangers and when you are actually running to catch her, she will run even faster. That’s what scares me. Can never takes my eyes of her.

Can you imagine a 33 weeks pregnant mom running around trying to keep up with her toddler?

Yes. Just incase you were at the zoo the other day, I was THE MOM.

Got to thank Shaklee supplements for keeping me fit and energized during this trip!

The thing about doing an outdoor activity, it is very hot. REALLY A HOT DAY. It was a bad idea wearing a mascara to a zoo. What was I thinking!

Another things is, I’m afraid that the kids will get dehydrated due to the weather. So, siap awal-awal PERFORMANCE DRINK. That was my drink though. She already finished hers. Performance drink is really a hydration drink. I guess that’s why they were so energetic.

So if your kids easily get a fever after a trip, take performance drink along during your trip!


pd22 IMG_9076

All in all it was a really nice trip.
I got teary eyes looking at this photo.
I just find it too priceless. They are so small now. But in few years time, they are teenagers. And soon leave their nest for universities and then get married and…. you know the list goes on.
As much as I want to see my kids to grow up and have their own path, at this moment I just wish I could freeze the time and just enjoy the time with them while they are this small, needy and always berebut for Ummi.

I don’t mind!!!

Maybe I’m just being emotional due to this pregnancy.
Whatever it is, time like this, I will cherish forever. Even if you have kids on your own, you will still be my little girls.




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